Evi Apostolou is a Greek artist who lives and works in Denmark.

Member of Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF): Danish Visual Artists.



Solo exhibition, November, Kulturhuset Kilden, Brøndby Kunstforening, Brøndby, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 17 September - 15 October: Kulturloftet, Gallery and cultural organizer, Store Heddinge, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, April-May, Virum church, Virum, Denmark.


Part of the annual art book “101 Kunstnere 2021” (101 Artists 2021) in Denmark, Forlaget Frydenlund. ​​

Group Christmas Exhibition, 26 November-19 December, Trappegalleriet, Nakskov, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, November, NCC Art Association, Søborg, Denmark.

Exhibition, October, Herlev Rådhus, Herlev, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, October, Kulturium - Ishøj Musikteater, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 18 September-9 October, Præstø Kunstforening, Præstø, Denmark.

Musicon Kunstfestival (Musicon Art Festival) 2021, 3-5 September, Roskilde, Denmark.

Group exhibition ‘Mellem Himmel og Jord’ (Between Heaven and Earth),

7 August-5 September, Mississippi Kunst og Kultur, Thyholm, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 1 May-31 August, Fanefjord Skovpavillon, Askeby, Denmark.


Solo exhibition, November-December, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Næstved, Denmark. Solo exhibition, October, Art Association Oticon A/S, Smørum, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 25 September-22 October, Hvidovre Art Association, 60th Anniversary Exhibition, Hvidovre Main Library, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 24 August-6 November, Møns Bank, Stege, Møn, Denmark.

Group exhibition, August, ArtJam Now, Kunstsmedjen på Musicon,

Roskilde, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, July, Kennedy Centret, Glostrup, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, June, Art Association Orifarm Supply A/S, Odense, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 3 March-28 May, Art Association SDC Kunst, Ballerup, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, March, Næstved Library, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, February, ’Ugeblaget for Møn’ newspaper, Stege, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, 4 December 2019-30 January 2020, Cultural Center Støberihallen, Hillerød, Denmark.


Group exhibition, December, ØckenLund gallery, Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, November, Artist of the Month at Roskilde Libraries, Ågerup Library, Roskilde, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, October, Art Association BO-VEST, Glostrup, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, August, Art Association Nilfisk, Brøndby, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, June, Doms A/S, Glostrup, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, May, Art Association Alm. Brand Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Solo exhibition, April, Art Association Novartis, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Solo exhibition 'My Precious Ones', 17 February-3 March, Helleruplund Sognegård, Hellerup, Denmark.


Group exhibition ‘Women’, September, ØckenLund gallery, Frederiksberg, Denmark. Group exhibition, 21 August-1 September, Allerød bibliotek, Lillerød, Denmark. Participation in CPH ART WORKS#3, 4-5 February, Nørrebro Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Participation in ‘Art Affair 3.0’, December, Kul Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark.

Group exhibition, ART-ATHINA 2014, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens: Participation in the group project We33 presented by Artia gallery in the context of Platform Project @ Art Athina 2014, 15-18 May, Tae-Kwon-do Olympic Complex, Athens, Greece.


Participation along with Konstantina Hasiakou in Videoholica International Video Art Festival, presentation of the video performance ‘Birth’, 1-6 August, Varna, Bulgaria. Group exhibition, ART-ATHINA 2013, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens: Participation in the group project We33 presented by Artia gallery in the context of Platform Project @ Art Athina 2013, 16-19 May, Tae-Kwon-do Olympic Complex, Athens, Greece.


Participation along with Konstantina Hasiakou in the 9th Naoussa International Film Festival, presentation of the video performance ‘Birth’, 26-30 September, Municipal Theater of Naoussa, Greece.

Group painting-engraving exhibition, 16 July-19 August, ‘Summer meeting’, gallery Aktina, Patras, Greece.

Group exhibition ‘See 2’ of 18 established and emerging artists that were united to express the world today, curated by Konstantina Hasiakou, 6-24 February, Cultural Center ‘Peri Tehnon’ in collaboration with Hasiakou Open gallery, Patras, Greece. Group exhibition ‘See?’ of 18 established and emerging artists that were united to express the world today, curated by Konstantina Hasiakou, 16 December 2011-22 January 2012, Hasiakou Open gallery, Athens, Greece.


Group exhibition organized by the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and the Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity (EEDDA), 10-27 November, Cultural Center of Athens ‘Melina’, Athens, Greece.

SWAB Barcelona 2011, International Contemporary Art Fair, participation with Camden Art Gallery (London), 26-29 May, Barcelona, Spain.

Award Winning Artist, 1st Annual ‘Junk or Genius’ International Exhibition featuring 12 Award-Winning artists, 1-29 April, Gallore gallery, Middletown, Connecticut, USA. Exhibition of 2008-2009 Graduating class, 20 January-20 February, Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Exhibition Venue ‘Nikos Kessanlis’, Athens, Greece.

Group exhibition, 20 November 2010-20 January 2011, Galerie 64, Hendaye, France.


Group exhibition ’Cuore Pop’: Illustration and graphic art, pop art and video animation, comic strip, urban and street art, 13 November-8 December, Primo Piano Livingallery, Lecce, Italy.

Participation in the Web Art Show ‘Cyber human forms’, 7 October-26 December, UAVM- Virtual Museum / Fonlad Festival.

Group exhibition, 15 September-5 October, Camden Art gallery, London, UK.

Award Winning Artist, ‘The 2010 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition’: Collective exhibition, 17 August-7 September, Agora gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA. Participation in ‘Zeros + Ones’: The Digital Era, a digital media exhibition, 6-21 March, Climate gallery, Long Island city, NY, USA.

Group exhibition, 9-26 February, Gallery Gora, Downtown Montreal Contemporary Art and Design Gallery and Event venue, Montreal, QC, Canada.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, 21-27 September, Art Academy in Athens - Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Athens, Greece.

Solo exhibition, 21 January-2 March, Inteal Cultural Center, Patras, Greece.


First prize with public vote, 6-11 March, Group exhibition ‘What is fresh?’ of the Fresh Magazine, Millenium Art Space, Patras, Greece.


September 2014-June 2016

Design, Technology and Business (Graphics) AP Programm:

University College Nordjylland (UCN), Aalborg, Denmark.

September 2003-June 2008

Bachelor (5 year curriculum) in Painting, Sculpture, Stage design and Multimedia/Hypermedia - Painting Division: Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Greece.

Projects: Participation in the artistic project «Recherches en art et technologie: crèation d’un espace d’èchange interculturel en rèseau »på Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis, Département Art et Technolοgies de l’Image, with the participation of Athens School of Fine Arts, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and Ecole Régionale Supérieure

d’Expression Plastique de Tourcoing.

September 1995-June 1999

Bachelor in Theology ‘Ptychion’ (4 year curriculum):

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.